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Hey, i'm julie, your local rogue yogi.

I'm going to help you become Stronger and more Connected to your Self through the various components of Yoga.

I founded ROGUE.YOGA in 2012 with my experiences over the past decade studying with various experts in the Yoga, Chiropractic, Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist fields, practicing a wide spectrum of sustainable movement modalities around the world, teaching at several studios in LA and SF, and leading over 150 Yoga+DJ "pop up" sessions up and down the California coast, and honestly feeling like there's got to be a way to provide quality yoga instruction without conforming to what's "trending" or what's the "old-fashioned" way on the mat.

I can't wait to stand for your Greatness. No granola. No mala beads. Yoga without the Dogma. Enough Said.


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I am hooked on sharing this knowledge with you all.

However, this knowledge won't tell you to cut meat completely out of your diet (unless if you definitely want to and/or you're intending to become a legit Yoga guru.

Here at ROGUE.YOGA, you will find a resource of PRACTICAL EDUCATION on how to practice yoga at home.

You'll find in-depth guidance on human anatomy, a wide range of yoga poses/postures, sequences and breathing techniques explained in LAYMAN'S TERMS.

Get a small sample of how I teach meditation. Practice being a little less stressed out when sh!t hits the fan with my free 7-day email challenge, "Dare to Begin [Modern] Yoga Now".

How You Can Learn From Me:

Students and Teachers

  • Private online yoga sessions (1-on-1 or small groups)

  • Online courses with pricing options based on your budget and skill level

  • Bi-Monthly Rogue Yogi Real-Talk delivered to your inbox

  • Weekly Live Broadcasts in our private (and Free) FB group


  • Advice to help you:

    • Curate music playlists for trauma-sensitive students

    • Make the best out of your workshops, pop-up sessions and retreats

    • Teach sequences w/ variations that embrace various body types

    • Use Technology and Social Media to serve you (not the other way around)

    • How to balance between your personal practice and your students'


  • Wellness Retreats (for everyone seeking the best self-loving resources to nourish your health)


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What I can teach you here took me a decade to figure out myself. After becoming at-risk for a hip replacement, injuring my shoulders and losing motor control of my glutes, I had to question the "traditional alignment" cues that were originally designed for young Indian boys. Things had to change. I had to change. After only finding bits and pieces of information all over the place, teachers only teaching one system or another, and basic exercise science being emphasized enough in the mainstream yoga world, I couldn't find that any single system of yoga actually addressed every single part of our mind-body without being so flowery and conceptual.

So, I set out to create a practice that would touch upon everything we need and share it in "Layman's Terms". My comprehensive yoga programs will benefit the beginner to the advanced bad-ass. They're designed to strengthen not only your muscles, but your connective tissues and ligaments. They're not just about directing your attention to your breath, but they're also about improving your energy and attitude. I'm not about going easy on you and coddling you, either. Rogue Yogi dares you to be Stronger, to go Rogue from your pre-conceived notions on what a "Yogi" is supposed to be.

I won't tell you to wear mala beads, either. I also won't impose distracting Top 40 music that's being played in commercialized studios today. You will get indistinguishable to no vocals with a slower paced beat that's in tune with your deep and lengthened breaths. The music will be curated to accompany your attention to your body--not take away from it--or there won't be any music at all (which is just as powerful, BTW).

I know there's a group of you who feel the same way as me and think outside the stereotypical yoga "box".

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