Forgiving Yourself For Your Past

A few years ago, my life was all about my previous small biz endeavor. I was trying to channel my passion of helping and inspiring others to lead a healthy life. It looked promising to me, and I thought I would pursue this endeavor forever. I really thought that I was helping people live their best life. But, when you're really that dogmatic about something, you end up polarizing people.⠀

People have blocked me, unfriended me, called me names, former clients have just disappeared into the wind and now I have gotten screenshots of myself that are in some documentary intended to slam that business network. ⠀

I don't ever regret my choices in life. Everything that happens truly is a stepping stone of personal growth. Without those choices a few years ago, and the choices even before that, the clarity and self-awareness wouldn't have become this strong. The passion for practicing, studying and teaching yoga wouldn't have come about. ⠀

The difference now is that I understand that there is no single form of Yoga. My yoga isn't better than your yoga. Your guru isn't better than your neighbor's guru. Practicing just Ashtanga or just Iyengar doesn't make you an expert over someone that practices Power Vinyasa Yoga. And achieving handstands doesn't establish you as a better Yoga teacher than someone who keeps it to Crow Pose. 

Now, there's just the inquisitive nature and the connection to the self. Questions to encourage you to think about whether or not doing a pose is helping or hurting your body. Wondering if a specific type of meditation is the end-all be-all for your peace. Bridging the gap between respected tradition and what feels right to keep the body moving the way it was designed, discovering one's best through the various aspects of yoga, one breath at a time. 

Much love to those that have stuck around and vibed with these messages over the years 💜