What is a Rogue Yogi?

A Rogue Yogi lies inside of you and I. A Rogue Yogi is someone who is into practicing yoga while staying true to one self. It’s not feeling obligated to wear mala beads and to eat vegetarian. It’s not feeling pressure to seek out yoga for just spiritual means. It’s the type of yogi that could be found working in a corporate cubicle. The type of yogi that goes out for All­You­Can­Eat Korean BBQ after a long and stressful day. Or the type that just wants to wear black because it feels fucking great. It’s the type of Yogi that lives any kind of life that fosters inner peace, contentment, and connection. A guy, a girl, or anyone that identifies with any gender. A perfectly imperfect human.

Cat lover. Dog’s best friend.

I am not the only Rogue Yogi on this planet. I’m just standing here for all of you that strive for progress in not only your yoga practice, but your Greatness.