Rogue Yogi Rhythm

What is your rhythm? What is the pace of your life?

It’s the beat.


With what tone do you set your day? How do you feel about yourself when you first wake up in the morning?



Blink your eyes open very slowly. Let the sunlight begin to warm your face. Feel the thoughts entering your mind. Memories of yesterday. Regrets of last night. Questions of “Why? / Why didn’t? / When?” Ruminations of “Should’ve / Could’ve” float in.

Thump. Thump. Thump. It’s the beat of your heart. Inhale. It’s the beat. Vibrate.

Exhale...invite the shifting of your thoughts to gentle and self­loving ones. Recognize the little victory at work. The progressing step that moved you an inch forward. Love the smile you formed. The funny joke someone unexpectedly made. Feel yourself. Feel all of your body parts, joints, notice all of your senses. your own natural rhythm.