It's Here: The Rogue Yogi Website Redesign

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I'm so stoked to announce the official release of the Rogue Yogi website redesign! Though, I'm really not sure who had seen the first version. It was an equally solid site design, and my designer did such a great job creating a visual structure that this yoga retreat and online course business needed at the time. If you notice the logotype and logo brand, he did those, too. The brand has become a mainstay for all you fellow yogis that feel "different" from the stereotypical ones.

So, why the change?

At the start of Rogue Yogi, I wasn't leading any yoga retreats, didn't have a clue about online courses, and mainly taught in studios and pop-up sessions all over SF and the East Bay (Oakland and Berkeley). I had a video of my puppycat Franklin video-bombing yet another one of my meditation reels. 

Things change. People change. And, when I say "change" I also mean GROW! 

Coincidentally (or not), this urban yoga platform evolved at the same time as my personal practice and teaching. My experiences with many students and many teachers not only influenced me, but they taught me so much about what I wanted to offer (and not offer). 

Some things came about that I wanted to better serve you with. Very specific things. 

What's New in Rogue Yogi 2.0:

  • Rogue Yogi TV is no longer the focus of the site. It's now available as an option on the "START HERE" page.
  • LIVE INSTAGRAM FEED: Because Rogue Yogi is a very visual and auditory company, we included an instagram feed at the bottom of the "START HERE" page. IG has been our main "visual portfolio", and we didn't want to re-invent the app just for this site. Better to just incorporate the view so you can browse for resources in one spot.
  • FREE COURSES: As a great opportunity for you to connect with me and my teaching style, I am now offering free courses sent to your inbox
  • PAID COURSES: To be real, I've kept in touch with many of my old students before leaving Cali, and many of them shared the difficulty in finding a teacher who was similar to me. Honestly, I would recommend they keep searching, but I understand what it's like to find a solid teacher that vibes with your personality. That's why I am now offering paid online courses here. We just launched "Dare to Begin: a 21-Day supplemental course" aka the Yoga for Beginners Encyclopedia at a special celebratory price. At the end of May 2017, it'll be offered with tiered pricing. More on that in this post about why I'm going against the grain of info-preneur recommended standards and offering my services this way
  • RE:TREATS: What is "Re:Treat" and why is there a colon in the middle of it? If I could call it a Wellness Experience for Hustlers, I would, but that doesn't sound very fitting, either. The phrase "yoga retreat" is so played out like the mainstream locations they're hosted in. "Re:Treat" was my way of remixing the typical perspective on a typically used phrase for a really atypical and extraordinary experience. Each Re:Treat is themed and focused on a specific type of mindset so you can get the most out it. Thanks to the website redesign, you can now get a thorough sense of how it'll be if you join me for a week in a remote location. The next one is Santorini, Greece (yes, it is mainstream isn't it haha) and it's tailored for the human who has recently gone through a life shift (or is anticipating one)