To All the Fathers Out There (With Love)

When you were a little boyDid you dream about the stars Did your love of math Lead to your Calculations of how to Get on the moon Or how to Jump Grandfather's fence at night Without getting caught

Or configure the way to Win that girl's heart The whole family did say you were a ladies' man ;)


When you became a young man And saw the rise of the War Did you Ever think twice About taking the leap About leaving your home About risking it all, just to survive

Did you Throw all calculations to the side When you saw Bravery was in for the ride?


Did you know that you would take on the most daunting challenge of your life The moment I came into this world? Did you wonder if I would be into this math equation as much as you and Mom To say that "Dad+Child=Unconditional Love" and that the limit to which you provided for us Did Not Exist



I remember how much you sacrificed for us Lived for us Laughed for us

I will never know what it was like To leave my home country To leave it all behind To raise a family, learn English, work graveyard shifts as an Electrical Engineer

But, what I will always know Is that You are the reason why I give to the world Guide the world Love the world Explore the world

Thank you, Dad, for instilling in me the character you've had in your innermost being. Thank you, to all the Dads out there that sacrificed your time, energy and everything else to see your kids grow up healthy, happy and strong. Happy Fathers' Day, Everyone. xoxo