Rogue Yogi Radio: Yoga Playlist #1

Due to popular demand, this Rogue Yogi is releasing her curated playlists to the public! After years of putting together solid Music to accompany your Mindset and Movement, Julie has decided to share it with this Community. Pay it forward, share this playlist with others. If you're a yoga teacher, follow me on Spotify and use my list for your sessions. If you're a yoga student, follow me on Spotify and use my list for your home practice. If you've stumbled onto this post, you're at least one of the above ;) Who this music is for: people into the downtempo, ambient, chill and futurebass scene.

Who this music is not for: people into top 40, pop music, trendy and mainstream EDM

Please enjoy...

Rogue Yogi Radio Yoga Playlist #1

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Periderm - Edamame

First Fires - Bonobo

Once in a While - Break Science

Bloom (Jamie XX Rework) - Radiohead

Glassdrops feat. John Lamonica - Robot Koch

Lullabies (Jim-E Stack Remix) - Yuna

Horizon - Ambinate

Lifespan (Instrumental) - Vaults

Law of Nature - Sixfingerz

Bohemian Forest - Pantha Du Prince

Forgetting and Learning Again - Lapalux

Drift - Rivka

No Lungs - Charles Murdoch

Reset Head - Seekae

Light - Dr.  Toast


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