inflatable t-rex

A Rogue Yogi and a Groom Walk Into a T-Rex...

Who ever said that you had to conform to anything? Why would you have to live your life by someone else's standards? Where does tradition serve its purpose if it gets in the way of you being fully self-expressed?

This not only can apply to your yoga and meditation practice, but it can also apply to various areas of your life. (i.e. Weddings!) ;)

wedding by a t-rex Just the other weekend, the Mongorrian and I got married in the middle of Tilden Recreational Park (in Orinda/East Bay). We reserved a group picnic area, home-cooked Spanish Paella, made Lavender Lemonade, and stood in front of 60 loved ones as we got officiated by a T-Rex. (Yes, you read that right, and you're seeing this pic as proof).

We didn't want our friends and family sitting far away from us. We wanted them to stand right by our side amidst the trees. We wanted to be officiated by a dear friend who really knew us both, who could speak from the heart, and paint the picture of our love through his own words. We also didn't want to spend exorbitant amounts of money to celebrate our love. We designed this wedding from the ground up, included the things that made us both happy, and said f*ck it to the traditional style of getting married that would've cost around $30K (at least)

Guess how much the wedding cost us! GUESS...

...The wedding cost us $700. Yup! (There's 2 "0"s after the "7" haha!)

Some of you might be thinking...WTF!? How is that possible?! Or "why would they skimp out on this important day of their lives?" or "You mean, the T-Rex didn't cost you an arm and a leg?!" (HA. HA. HA.)

You know...we just believed that love was about the journey and that life (full of its bumps and waves) was going to need our energy and resources to go through it together. Fa sho, this was a special and very emotional day, but it also wasn't going to define or determine the rest of our days. We didn't believe in putting ourselves in debt for just a few hours of a day. We could invest the money into traveling to Barcelona, and make the money last much, much longer.

If something doesn't make sense to you, ask "Why?". If there's not a good enough answer, don't do it.

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I don't write about this to impress you, but to impress upon you that you have the freedom to ask and to choose. You get to be self-expressed. Whether it's in a wedding, on your yoga mat, or what food you put on the table. Give yourself permission to think and live outside the "box". This is what a Rogue Yogi is about xoxo


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