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Rogue Yogi Real-Talk: Treasure Your Life. Let go of Old Energy, Welcome the New

So, I'm here with some Rogue Yogi Real-Talk. I wanted to share a pretty serious topic just because I think that the current lessons that I'm learning about my personal life experiences (without getting into any specifics or name any people in particular) that the lessons could be pretty valuable to what you guys may be going through. I thought that if I share it with you that it would solidify that I'm really learning the lesson, and that I can communicate this in a way to inspire you to take a simple action, to treasure your life, to appreciate your time while you're alive, and to waste NO time indulging in the things that don't serve you or help you become a better person. So, let me just get right down to it. I've been interacting with a specific person with the same pattern. There's communication on Facebook, text message or email. Just anything electronic that is not voice-to-voice (in person or on the phone). Usually, this person wants to express what they're feeling, and it comes out as if it's the truth. That I'm doing something, that I'm believing something. The pattern continues in that, I try to clarify or fix the misunderstanding and at the same time express how I'm feeling about the situation and it NEVER goes well. Because in this person's world, they hear something and they get super emotional, then this person states things with negative and angry energy directed right at me. When I ask this person to get on the phone, to speak face-to-face, anything other than electronically, this person gets more defensive, then sends more negative energy and it results in me shutting down and just not say anything, because I'm angry myself, Maybe I've absorbed this person's energy, or have given up not knowing what to do, or say something pretty pissed off myself and it's just not productive. Usually within 24 hours later, this person will have calmed down, and ask questions about the conversation we've had the day before.

While I love this person very much and want this person to thrive and succeed (I wish I could part the clouds for this person), at some point this kind of communication with negativity and misunderstanding and unwillingness to see things from a birds' eye view and possibly a combination of us not communicating the same way, it gets to a point when it starts to compete with the big things I'm up to. You don't have to be up to big things, you don't have to be up to small things but if you want to live a peaceful life no matter how you live your life. This takes away from that energy, in my opinion. At some point, I have to make a decision to stop this pattern from continuing. To maintain peace in my life. To come from love and understand there's probably some issues this person is going through, but that it's not my responsibility and I do not have any power to fix their insecurities, selfishness and possessiveness.

I thought about how short life is. I thought about how there's not much time left on this planet. Life's really short. With me trying to grow the Rogue Yogi mission: to provide yoga and make it accessible to the planet so that you can lead a peaceful life.

It's kind of the opposite if I keep engaging in this energy that begets more negativity, more frustration. I want to be as consistent as possible with promoting a peaceful lifestyle and resolving things in a peaceful manner, and interacting with some people who are not exerting that, who are not moving the relationship/friendship forward, who are not supportive, who are coming from a scarcity mindset. At some point, in wanting this pattern to gotta make a decision to choose who you spend your time with, and what situations you spend your time with. Some of you might be going through some things where you want things to be a certain way, and it's not. It is what it is, it may not feel good. It may feel really shitty honestly. While you go through the feels, while you go through the motion and feel the impact of someone or something.

Ask yourself: Is this person moving you forward. Do you move them forward? Do you support each other? Do you make each other's time worth while?

There are some people who just don't move you forward. Some are negative. Some are stuck in a certain pattern. You don't have to have a full on argument, or make it dramatic. You can simply walk away from this person peacefully with peace of mind.

While it may be lonely to let go of energies, or situations or people, you're actually creating space in your  mind, your life.. for other people to show up in your life. To have more loving, warm and rich relationships with people. You only got 24 hours in a day, and you don't know when you're gonna go. Honestly.

As I'm learning this lesson, and as i found a way to let this energy dissipate and come to the conclusion that I need to walk from this situation, maintain my peace, respect my space and love this person from afar..

We just found out about 30 minutes ago that my husband's friend Sebastien just passed away. I didn't know him very well, but every time we would run into him or come to his parties...he was very driven and focused. He would always scan the room. He was on the hustle, very clear. He was such a staple and a solid foundation in producing the SF party scene for such a long time.

As someone that produces events, not parties but basically Yoga Party events, I recognized and saw that in him. It's sad to hear that he's gone. It's just another reminder: Julie, you could go at any moment. People could go at any moment. Are you spending your time wisely? Are you fulfilling on what you set out to do.

It's just very clear. Just very, very clear.

My message to you guys is, take a look at your situation and where you're at right now. Get very real. Take a look at the closest people in your life. Are you lifting each other up or dragging each other down? Are you in a situation that you don't feel healthy in or are you doing things that make you feel good, for your mind, body and spirit. Things that make your heart sing.

It may not happen overnight, but when you get the courage to trust that you deserve the best and you deserve good energy and positivity, and you deserve new energy that really serves you now, and let go of the old energy that doesn't serve you anymore, that you have the courage to walk and to do it with peace and with self-respect for you and for everyone involved.

I don't spend much time sharing about myself. I share about food and practicing yoga.

Speaking of yoga, I'll bring up a really good story. I went to a birthday event this past weekend and got to know some great friends. This girl was practicing everyday. Meditating for 5 minutes a day and doing 3 sun salutations everyday. I used to practice everyday before teaching my students.

She learned this tip from someone from Google that wrote a book and turned to ask me "do you practice yoga everyday?"

Honestly, I was, but up to this point I wasn't. It's this thing that happens. You get distracted by your hustle. It's ironic because if your hustle is what you're trying to teach other people, you're not really teaching. You're talking at people. It's not authentic, it's not real. So, I felt the itch to practice again, to take a few minutes for myself. There's not much time but at least take 5 minutes to take care of ourselves first

I will practice meditation for at least 5 minutes and do 3 sun salutations each morning. If you'd like to do this with me, Periscope will be the best avenue to share this.

Let's aim for Monday through Friday. If we can do this at 6am before I teach my 6:30am class for the next 21 days. If that's too early for you, the Periscope will be available for 24 hours. Let's do that.

Thanks for reading this, hope this helps you in some form. Treasure life. You don't know how much time you got left. Spend it wisely.




Inner Peace Amidst the Storm, Challenged Dreams, Determination

Life can come in such contrasting waves. Ebbs and flows of static that roll into tsunamis of activity that seem to come together at the same time. For a while, Rogue Yogi was just a concept in my heart with no direction. No clear step for me to take. I just knew I wanted to create a platform where everyone, regardless of religion, spirituality, diet preference and life choices could learn and practice yoga while embracing their natural selves. Rogue Yogi was meant to be an alternative voice for all modern and urban yogis to feel good in their own bodies, establish balance and enjoy their journeys in life. After years of the idea floating around, I finally had the bearings and the courage to go full throttle with it. Still no clear path of how to go about it, but a clear vision and a general sense of how to share it with anyone that resonated.

Funny how timing works.  I fell in love, got married to the love of my life, and made the decision to move to Barcelona in the Fall!

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No one can ever tell you what your future holds. Guessing doesn't guarantee the goods. sometimes, it feels like the moment you are clear about a decision, a vision, a dream...the universe throws a solid test in your path. It is as though you're being asked, "Do you really want this? Let's see how bad you do".

Within 2 weeks of embarking on making Rogue Yogi a real thing for you all, I took on a babysitting gig for my girlfriend. Never before had I babysat, never before did I realize how much time and mental energy it would take to keep this cute swaddled bundle of giggling joy from crying. Thinking I could easily write all of my blogs, publish all of my photographs during the daytime, I was proven wrong every single day for almost 30 days. This was an entire month of lessons, realizations and appreciations for parents everywhere. Didn't know how much work you had to put in for us, all the while working your full time jobs and/or building your own dreams.

Babies kind of have a schedule. At some point they'll wake up, become hungry, need a diaper change, need to be held, need to made eye contact with, and some combination of these things.

After I'd go home, I would have to make dinner with my Mongorrian, take care of the errands together, spend time together, but force myself to have the time to work on Rogue Yogi. Because, if I didn't make the time now, the momentum wouldn't happen before our move out of this country. The result: lots of late nights working, lots of waking up early, lots of tasks pushed aside to the next day, lots of exhaustion. When all of this is done, how much more work would I accomplish here? Would I get anything done when we move to Barcelona?

Imagine a wide coastal environment, with the warm sun beaming down onto the beachgoers of Barcelona. Add in a dash of the more relaxed European lifestyle. Sprinkle in a pinch of siestas, and now you have a recipe for relaxation (and a possible derailing of Rogue Yogi).

Triangle Pose, Street Art Yoga

Who knows? Maybe the solid work-ethic and the drive to succeed is an American societal norm. It's possible that the demand for numbers over laissez-faire breeds Type A personalities here. But, maybe, just maybe, it's just in my blood. Maybe I will carry this work ethic with me to Spain, and enjoy the best of both worlds. You know I am eager to try out every yoga class in every yoga studio in this town!

Maybe it's no use to predict the future. To fill this mind up with things that haven't happened, yet. To worry about problems that aren't actually happening. To project our destiny onto the sand.

While these thoughts are going on, there's other shit happening in the current moment. There's a lot of unrest happening all over the world. White cops shooting Black people. White cops shooting Mexican people. Ex-Militants shooting Cops in Dallas. Ex-Lovers shooting gay men in Orlando, Florida. People driving trucks into innocent people trying to enjoy the fireworks of Bastille Day in Nice, France. I don't have all of the facts. This is all that I know so far. And, so far, it's sad.

Then, there's the things in my life that quite going the way I had planned. Situations repeating enough times for me to decide that it is time for me to give energy elsewhere. The feeling of reaching a personal plateau and the need to step outside my comfort zone. The need to stay away from the danger zones. The wanting of staying in my creative zone.  The gradual letting go of everything I've attached to since starting the 2nd phase of my life in SF. It's fucking exhausting. It's important to acknowledge that this is happening. You know none of us can really ignore this, but it's also equally critical to get back to taking care of ourselves. Inner peace in our minds. Feeding into the positivity so everything else doesn't gain power over us. This is sort of like a "Spring Cleaning", where items, people and situations need to be cleaned out. This is necessary to create a wide open space for what's needing to arrive.

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If you're wondering why I'm passionate about sharing Yoga and Meditation with beginners, advanced practitioners, modern folk, urban citizens and everyone in between, this would be a prime example why. When things are good, they're good. But, when they're bad, they're bad. What can you put into practice now, what sails can you set now, so you can weather the storm a little better?

I'm not immune to any of these issues. None of us really are. That just might be a good thing, because we can come to our senses. We can be woken up to do something about ourselves. Decide how we have a part in the situation. Decide how to handle it. Make peace with our decision, and move forward with light and love.