Yoga Will Not Turn You Into a Saint

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I won’t give you platitudes on how yoga would turn you into a saint. There’s no granola here, no gongs nor sitars strumming in this space. Just normal human life for Rogue Yogis like you that scroll through social media, wear $15 pants from TJ Maxx, eat meat with your veggies, and say “fuck” when it’s appropriate!

I'll only share with you what yoga has done for me and my students. How less stressed out we get. When we do get pissed off, how much easier it is to move on. The drama still happens, but it's really more of how we react to it. 

Yoga's definitely an experience and a process of becoming better versions of ourselves.

As Yogi Bhajan said, "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self".