Yoga Music Playlist 010117 // Rogue Yogi Radio

Happy New Year, my Rogue Yogis! New Year, New Playlist! Pin this post, follow me on Spotify, and listen to this curated yoga music playlist of ambient, downtempo and chilled out beats! Although I usually practice in silence with no music (I practice Mysore-style Ashtanga 6 times a week), and I am a firm believer in practicing yoga in silence so one can pay deep attention to one's mind and body on the mat, I do also enjoy quality music a lot. Once in awhile is fine to play some instrumental or minimal beats with either indiscernible vocals or none whatsoever.

The playlist below is a sample of what I'd play at one of my pop-up sessions. (A pop-up session is when an event is hosted at an atypical location, like a nightclub, another person's yoga studio, outdoor venues that take the participant into a completely different environment and give a special experience since it doesn't happen often).

If you've got Spotify, you should be able to see the actual playlist below. Clicking on "Play" will either open up your app or play it from the browser.


Let me know what other tunes you enjoy during your occasional "yoga party" practice! Comment below!


Julie (Your Local Rogue Yogi)