A Yoga Pose Encyclopedia for Beginners?

Hey, Rogue Yogis! I shared a sneek peek on Instagram and Facebook about something that's been in the works these past few months! Yoga and its practical benefits are really near and dear to me, and based on your responses it looks like this could be of value to you, too!

What if you had an "encyclopedia" of basic yoga poses and postures available to you? What if they were in an easy-to-read format? What if they were also put together in a clean and organized manner?

What if I created one course focusing exercising the Muscles, and another focusing on exercising the Connective Tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia)? 

Note: You can't exercise both at the same time. They have separate conditions for optimal exercise and combining them could cause injury to both.

What if the content was also categorized in groups, i.e. "while lying on the back", "standing poses", "while sitting", and "just meditations"? 

Note: If you're an intermediate and advanced yoga practitioner, this yoga library may be helpful for you to get deeper into the postures you've already been practicing for awhile. Since your body may go through random changes like injuries, connective tissue tightening, pulling muscle, you could refer to this resource on those days you want to practice but not go too hard. 

I'd call the course "Dare to Begin"! Here's how I was thinking of laying out the content for the "Muscle Exercising" for you:

Intro Module:

How to Breathe (and why it's literally half the component of practicing yoga)
The Several Stages of Your Yoga Practice (Depending on how long you decide to keep practicing in life)
What Yoga Does (and what it Doesn't do for you, like make the bullsh*t go away)

Module 1:

On Your Knees or Butt (6 different poses with 1 course on guided meditation)

Module 2

On Your Back (6 different poses with 1 course on guided meditation and why Savasana is really critical to your entire practice)

Module 3

On Your Feet (6 different poses with 1 course on guided meditation and how these standing poses build strength in the core muscles and how they teach balance and spatial awareness)

Module 4

Combo of On Your Belly, Knees, Hands and Feet (6 different poses with 1 course on guided meditation, and 1 course on how to combine these poses into a sequence known as a "Vinyasa")

Each of these modules would have modification options for absolute beginners and for people wanting to go deeper. Each segment of the course would benefit anyone, regardless of what skill level you are at, because the purpose of Yoga is to challenge the various parts of your body to a comfortable degree where your breathing is still on point. If you find that you can achieve most of these postures and maintain your deep nostril breathing, then you could graduate to my next course called "Dare to be Stronger" (Also coming up soon)

I'm almost done with compiling the content for you! What do you think?