Yoga Retreat Street Smarts: How to Prep

During our Rogue Yogi Re:Treats all around the world, there will be opportunities to do additional tours, buy souvenirs, snacks, wine, meals, wine, massage packages and wine. Here's now to prepare your money situation for the trip (and not get your wine money stolen)

1. Wear an under-the-shirt money belt/neck strap. This is not like those fanny packs that protrude from your belly in full view! These are flat, thin and are completely hidden by your top/shirt.

2. Don't put your phone nor your cash in your pockets. If you're visiting the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, the beautiful beachtown of Nha Trang, Vietnam, or the touristy parts of ANYWHERE in the world there are likely to be skilled PICKPOCKETERS that can try to jack you!

3. Don't walk around holding your phone or look down at it without paying attention to your surroundings. If you need to use the map, text, check social media, please make sure you stand where no one can bump you from behind or the side.

4. Only get enough cash to cover any additional tours, massage packages and additional wine/beverages at the retreat resort if they don't take credit card. In some countries, it's a LOT cheaper to use your card and pay those fees than to get cash to exchange. Always check with the retreat venue beforehand to be sure!

5. Tipping: generally, there isn't much tipping in Europe, Australia or Asia, but if you do things like get your hair did, your face did, get a tour and you really liked the service than 10% is nice. (I'd strongly suggest you tip the airport shuttle/car driver, especially if it is a long drive).

REMEMBER: your retreat with me already comes with transportation to/from the airport, 3 meals/day onsite, and all these varieties of yoga sessions as part of your comprehensive experience. If you have any other questions, please comment them below! Let's help each other out! So excited to see you all!

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