Yoga Retreat Protip: How to Pack Light

We've been traveling around the world for a few months now, and we are learning a lot of helpful things about packing efficiently. We wanted to share with you some of these tips so you can save space in your luggage while being prepared for the weather:

1. There is usually shampoo, soap, towels and a hair blow dryer already at the Yoga Retreat venue!

2. Anything you need like toiletries can easily be purchased at the local market or pharmacy!

3. There is usually all the yoga props you need at their yoga shala/studio!

4. Dress in layers so you can stay warm on the plane without packing as much in the luggage.

**Recommended light-yet-warm items: HeatTech by UniQlo is super thin, super light, and comes in neutral colors that can be layered with your other items. It really does keep warm very well! A light scarf will be great to keep your neck warm.**

5. If the location will have really warm and humid weather, bring just 2 pairs of bikinis or swimtrunks. One to wear, the other to dry off after being in the water!

6. Bring whatever comfy shoes you'd like to walk in. 

7. Pack a pen and a little journal with paper. At my retreats, we will be doing some nice exercises to stimulate creativity, unclog the mental clutter and more. 

8. Bring a book to read, or a Kindle. There's usually downtime, aka "Me time" everyday.

9. If your retreat has gentle sessions, bring comfy clothes you can re-wear. If it has power sessions, bring shorts, sports bras, tanks and a small micro-fiber towel to absorb sweat without taking too much space.

10. Get a "money-belt" or some kind of under-shirt money/credit card wallet (Money will be addressed in a separate post!)

Any questions about what to pack? Please comment below! There's no "dumb" question and there may be another one of us wanting to ask the same thing!

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