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This is NOT a free course teaching you how to become vegetarian, wear tight yoga leggings, or wear mala beads (that's all on you, my friend!). This is a free course on what yoga can do for you to lead a peaceful and calm life. 

This approach is for you to Move to your own Beat, Breathe at your own Rhythm,

and Live by your own Design.

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You probably think that:

  • You have to be flexible before you can practice Yoga
  • You have to pay a sh*t load of money to wear Yoga leggings
  • You'll have to give up eating meat
  • You'll have to give up saying words like sh*t, f*ck and more
  • You'll have to devote 2 hours of practice a day

WTF?! Well, guess what? This isn't the Truth.
And that's good news for you! WHEW!

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Learn the Practical Ways of Making Yoga Work for YOU

Get to know Yoga in ways you might not have before. Become less intimidated by what you THINK a yogi is supposed to BE. Get less stressed out whenever sh*t hits the fan by applying some of the exercises in this free course! 

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The yoga scene is full of unskilled yoga teachers with little background in anatomy, flowery granola talk, acrobatic Instagram posts, expensive yoga leggings, people who give you sh*t for not being vegetarian and others leading classes with distracting Pop/Top 40 music. 

All of these things can lead you to think that you have to conform in order to practice.

Take it from me: You are a unique badass. You don't need to deal with any of that to become the best version of your SELF. You can take what works and leave what doesn't. F*ck the noise.

Do you want to strive towards a much more chill mindset, keep your body healthy and strong, and do it all on your own terms? 

Live the Rogue Yogi Life!


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What if I WANT to be Vegetarian?

Great! I'm not saying you can't. I'm all about you taking what works and leaving what doesn't. Do what makes you feel empowered. Make life decisions and design your life the way you see fit. In some situations, it is helpful to be vegetarian. Some even say that in order to become the ultimate yogi you've got to streamline your diet to just vegetables. But, are you looking to become that? Or are you looking to become less stressed out and be your best self?

What if it takes me forever to "achieve" a pose?

Man, something about living in America has us feeling the need to rush the progress sometimes. Maybe we just look at these other people sometimes and feel competitive like it means something to "beat" someone at yoga. Maybe it's because our minds can go further than our bodies sometimes.

No. No to all of that. It's most of the time. We gotta work with how our bodies feel. There's all these muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, bone strength...(you get the picture). They take time, consistency and patience to restructure and strengthen. So, what if it takes you a year to touch your toes? If you feel better each day and you're less reactive to dumb situations than before, shouldn't that be what counts? 

What if I'm into trying those acrobatic moves?

Fa sho. If you're at a point in your yoga practice where your body wants to become even stronger, only you can decide that. Just know that you're just as legit practicing slow and long-holding yin yoga classes as someone practicing arm balances and inversions. Both are challenging AF to different people. Everyone benefits from going through those experiences on the mat. "Challenge" itself is a subjective thing. What I'm saying is that you don't have to feel like doing circus-like yoga if it's not your thing. 

Wait, who are you though? What's your deal with Yoga?

What's the haps! I'm Julie Tran, your local Rogue Yogi. I've been a yoga student for over a decade, and a teacher for the past several years. I had a rough childhood, turned to drugs as a way to be happy and knew early on that I wasn't fit to work an office job. Yoga and me, we didn't hit it off that great in the beginning. I started off really clumsy AF, and couldn't touch my toes for 2 years before realizing that my left toe is longer than my right! (WTF? How does one not notice these things?) 

I couldn't understand my body at all and felt sad that I didn't have the money to afford expensive yoga clothing like the pretty girls next to me in class. I loved the fitness aspect, but didn't really love myself. I wanted so badly to connect my brain with my body. So, I took a yoga teacher training and realized just how practical and relatable the various aspects of yoga applied to everything happening in real life. Yoga and Personal Development were the power combo in loving myself and helping others like you do the same.

If you'd like to read my whole story, you can read here.

I am hooked on sharing this knowledge with you all. However, I won't tell you to cut meat completely out of your diet (unless if you're intending to become a legit Yoga guru and give up all of your desires in life). I won't tell you to wear mala beads. I also won't impose distracting music that's being played in commercialized studios today. You will always get indistinguishable to no vocals with a slower paced beat that's in tune with your deep and lengthened breaths. The music will be curated to accompany your attention to your body--not take away from it. 

What I'm about to teach you took me a decade to figure out myself. Only finding bits and pieces of information all over the place, and teachers only teaching one thing or another, I set out to create a practice that would touch upon everything we need. My comprehensive yoga programs will not be just doing acrobatic poses (they have their place and time). They're designed to strengthen not only your muscles, but your connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, your breath, your energy and your mindset.  I know there's a group of you who feel the same way as me and want be Stronger all around. 

My mission is to share the various components of yoga without the dogma. I created Rogue Yogi as a way for you to become the best version of yourselves. Not by conforming. Not by following blindly. But, by asking questions and investigating what works for you. It won't be easy, and it won't always feel good unless you go through the process. But, by trying things out, you can begin to feel balanced within your lifestyle design. 

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Get this 5-day course for free. I dare you to!