I can't say enough about these Bodylastics resistance tubes and accessories. I've been able to travel with these for the past several months! So happy I can do my physical therapy and now strength training with such light-weight equipment! 

They don't look like they could take on a rack of dumbbells, but when they're stacked they could support my entire body weight! 

They even have ankle straps that you can also wrap around your feet. This makes for great fancy footwork on the mat. 

Are you into myofascial release? These are normal lacrosse balls, but they can also be used to release tension in various parts of your body! You would just let gravity weigh your body down onto the balls, and it will mash out the fascia!!

If you want to get your hands on the exact same set I use during my travels, it comes with a pair of ankle straps, handles, a door anchor and a small anchor you can wrap around small poles or fixed pillars!